Liquid's timeline DVD creation editor can be a bit daunting and frustrating initially, but once mastered, you will find it incredibly easy and fast and convenient. And making changes can be quite fast.

If you visit the forums, you will see many posts talking about using other programs like Nero, DVD Workshop, Adobe Encore, Sony Vegas DVD, DVDit6, DVDLabPro, etc.  I bought Edition with the idea that it was a multi-functional program and that I was only going to use Edition in DVD production - and I have stuck to it.

Liquid's DVD editor is very cool and nice.  You edit on the timeline.  Make your DVD menus on the timeline. You edit your menus right in the dvd editor. You add your chapter markers, addition menu pages, sub-Menus - all from the DVD editor using the timeline.  It is fast and easy once you understand it. You don't need another program unless you want sub-titles, angle choices or want to add extra content to your DVD for computer users (such as eDVD that comes with DVDit6Pro. 

DVD creation is one area I found training  tutorials quite helpful.  If you are wondering which tutorial to buy - check this out !  - or check out the Pinnacle Free Tutorials or the For Sale Tutorials section.

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    EXPORTING other than to DVD - WMV, Flash SWF, Real Player       (See Settings Tab)          
    Exporting for ENCORE
  Link Creating an AutoPlay DVD (Getting rid of that big ARROW at the start of an autostart DVD)
    Linking to Chapters
  Link Duplicating  and Labeling DVD's
  Link Creating DVD Labels
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Link I just captured 2 hours of content. using M2V codec. Now I want to make the DVD. How do I avoid recompressing the files again?  My first attempt took almost 4 hours which leads me to believe it rerendered as M2V again. Quality looks fair to poor.

What settings should I use?

Length of DVD menus to eliminate pauses


DVD menus (at least, those created with LE) always pause at the end of their duration before looping back to the beginning. This may be more noticeable on some players than others. I find it helpful to lengthen DVD menus to 30 seconds (default is 3 sec). Most users will make their choice within 30 sec, and so not notice the pause.

By the way, Liquid 6 pauses are noticeably shorter. Very Nice

  Burning a second DVD from Edition
    To burn another DVD - Inside the Create DVD menu, go to the source tab and instead of Current Sequence(Timeline)go to the bottom and use DVD Image. But many of us just use a DVD copy program like Roxio or Nero to make copies from a disk we have labeled "Master".
  Burning a second DVD using another program
    Once you have a DVD created, you can always burn a copy of that dvd with a DISK to DISK copy program such as Award's Nero or Roxio's Easy CD Creator Plus or other DVD burning programs.

Also when you burn an image, Liquid 6 makes a file in the \temp_render_folder\project_name\DVD\dvd_sequence_name.  In here will be the *.iso file with information about the DVD image. This file can be read by other applications. eg Roxio Easy DVD burner.

Link Creating DVD from Files
    You can burn a playable DVD just using the .VOB, .IFO and .BUP files. While just copying the files to a DVD will sometimes work in some set top players, creating the DVD as a VIDEO DVD using buring programs such as  Nero or Easy Creator Plus will place the proper leadins and leadouts to ensure the disk will play in almost all set top players.
new! DVD Media
    DVD Media does make a difference. Here is a site that rates various media if you want to check out the best of the best. Guess what - Ritek G04's  (4X ink jet printable) got a great rating. (see Printing on DVD's)

Also - Try some Taiyo Yuden disks if you are having problems  (http://meritline.com)
link DVD BookType Bit Setting
    Ever wonder why DVD-R seems to be the most compatible with older settop players? Should you use a DVD-R or a DVD+R to create your DVD projects ?  What is BookType Bit Setting  and how does that effect a DVD that I create ?

Well - in a nut shell, DVD-R is the older technology, thus the reason why a DVD-R seems to off the most compatibility to set top players.  But the real answer may be in the BookType Bit Setting on the leader of the DVD that tells the DVD player what type of DISK is being read.

And the nut inside the shell is that you can set the BoorType Bit of DVD+R and DVD+RW disks to DVD-ROM, and doing so will make the disk as compatible or perhaps more compatible than any DVD-R disk


Printing on DVD's (labels not recommended)


Recommended: Ritek DVD-R 4X (G04) inkjet printable from www.meritline.com
I am on my 200-250 batch and never had a problem.

I like an Epson 200 for a cheap $99 printer - or better yet an Epson 300 or better yet Epson 900 - both print on inkjet printable dvd's.

(testimonial) - "I use Ritek ink-jet printable disks. I used to use Neato disc labels, applied with their hub gadget, but found that about 25% of the discs were returned by the customers because they wouldn't play in their set-top players. Replacement with an unlabeled version (otherwise identical) has cured the problem in every case. I've had no reports of problems when a labeled DVD is played on a computer." - user on Pinnacle Forum