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Dave as an Investigator is a one person multi-connected video business with locations in Denver and Grand Lake,/ Grand County Colorado.

Dave Messinger,  the owner, is a retired special agent (criminal investigator) with the U.S. Treasury Department,  where he was a federal investigator and a certified computer specialist (see about Dave as an Investigator) .  He created and taught training programs on the seizure, examination and documentation of electronic evidence, and created videos relating to the use of computerized programs in the examination of electronic evidence.

Dave started  "videoing"  in 1988, making a motivation documentary called "Your Child and Self-Esteem" for the Denver Public Schools.  He also produced a video used by the government during a United Fund campaign.

Since retiring, Dave has turned his attention to producing a variety of video on various subjects, including a DVD of the musical duo Steve Cormey and Walter Holland and the theatrical productions of Tombstone Tales. He has produced videos for schools, fitness training, spiritual growth, corporate celebrations, and seminars / training sessions for law firms and other groups.   

Dave has recently turned his attention towards Legal Video, particularly Activities of Daily Living and  Meditation (Settlement) Documentaries, and enhancement of surveilance video.  It's Dave's belief that his skills as an interviewer, investigator and event videographer will benefit those needing to tell their stories visually in and out of court. Dave has worked with both defense and government attorneys during his investigative and retirement years.

vfwTech uses professional lighting, sound  gear, 3 chip high definition cameras and editing software.