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about Dave Messinger... as an investigator/forensic specialist

            (about Dave as a Videographer   CV-David Messinger)

David Messinger retired in 1999 as a special agent (criminal investigator)  after a twenty-five year career in federal law enforcement.  Mr. Messinger spent over 10 years as a  investigator involved in computer related investigations and was a certified Computer Investigative Specialist.

During his employment, Mr. Messinger received extensive training and experience in obtaining, preserving, and presenting computer related evidence. His responsibilities  included seizing, preserving, analyzing, documenting, and testifying about electronic evidence contained on computers and other electronic devices.    He gained experience using a variety of forensic software programs used to analyze and document computer activity.  He is trained in DOS, Windows, NT, Unix and Novell systems. Mr. Messinger has testified in federal, state and county court.

Mr. Messinger has made informational and technical presentations on computer search and seizure, documentation and analysis, as well as technical issues and court presentation to the following organizations:  G8 Summit Conference (Washington, DC),  National Association of Attorney Generals (Washington, DC),  US Department of  State (Washington, DC), Western States Attorney General Conferences,  Federal Tax Administrators workshops, LEAA (Law Enforcement Assistance Administration) workshops and several state and local agencies.

Mr. Messinger was a  nationally recognized instructor who has taught numerous aspects of computer investigative  techniques to over 200 law enforcement investigators from the U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Customs Service, Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms Service, the Internal Revenue Service  and various other federal, state and local  law enforcement agencies.   Mr. Messinger was a leader of the federal task force that developed the basic instructional course for computer investigative specialist within the US Treasury Department law enforcement agencies and leader of the US Treasury task force that developed the national certification for the IRS Criminal Divisionís Computer Investigative Specialists. As a founding director, he is a chartered member of IACIS, the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialist, a nationally recognized forensic organization, and is a past president of CACCI - the Colorado Association of Computer Crime Investigators.

He can be reached at or 303-518-4787.